Tuesday, January 25, 2022

UFT Update: Unity Slogan #wedothework- badly - #WePutYouOnHoldWhenYouCall

Unity did the work of ed deformer anti-unionists and corporate Democrats and Republicans by supporting:
  • NCLB and Race to the Top
  • Charter schools
  • Closing down public schools and destroying most of the large comprehensive HS
  • High stakes testing that cost millions
  • End seniority transfersCommon core -- remember punch Mike Mulgrew?

UFT President Mulgrew Says He'll Punch Common Core ...

Jul 17, 2019Michael Mulgrew United Federation of Teachers (New York) President says he'll punch common core opponents in the face: ...

Unity is out there with the self-mocking faux #wedothework. I reported on the Salesforce CCC - Clueless Call Center.

A United for Change crew came up with apt variations.


• … of keeping rank-and-file members in the dark until AFTER we make decisions that will affect them

• …of rigging the rules to box out members of other caucuses (someone who knows the specifics of rules they’ve changed to their benefit can flush this out)

• … of hiring from within with non-transparent hiring practices so that only we can do the paid union work

• … of obstructing rank-and-file members’ voices from being heard

• … of assuring the mayor and chancellor that the UFT members will obey orders #lockstep

• … of messing with our retirees’ healthcare

#wedothework of
  • privatizing retiree healthcare
  • failing to win smaller class sizes
  • failing to give in-school covid tests to more than a handful of students
  • failing to protect teachers from administrative harassment
  • shutting out the opposition at the DA
  • appoint, not elect, district reps
We do the work of...
  • pretending we're doing the work.
  • handing out givebacks.
  • rolling over and playing dead while John King & NYSED demoralize us with Danielson APPR ratings.
  • selling off retiree healthcare to for-profit insurance companies.
  • lobbying against universal healthcare.
  • letting new teachers be tortured with four years of probation.
  • negotiating wage increases that don't keep pace with inflation.
  • ignoring our membership.
  • letting teachers work in unsafe, Covid-filled buildings.
  • saying, "What can we do? We're not the employer."
  • getting rid of seniority school transfers.
  • providing patronage jobs to Mulgrew's sycophants.
  • firing UFT phone staffers and replacing them with Salesforce™ call-center-script-readers.
  • quashing debate at Delegate Assemblies.
  • supporting mayoral control (and saying that we don't).
  • hiring lawyers and consultants who have never stepped foot in a public school classroom.
  • doing whatever Marty Scheinman tells us.
  • bending over and getting fucked by every politician who says they'll give us "a seat at the table."
  • telling you that everything Mulgrew does (including bending over and...) is the greatest victory ever.


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