Monday, April 11, 2022

Join the Municipal Retiree Caravan to put a dagger in MulgrewCare - April 13th - March With the Truck from City Council to the UFT Outside the Delegate Assembly

We are planning some big events leading to the UFT ourside the Delegate Assembly where we will have a "meet the Mulgrews" event to celebrate the halt in MulgrewCare. He bailed out of meeting retirees om April 4 -

Mulgrew Turns Tail and runs from confrontation with retirees over MulgrewCare

And if you can't make it to City Hall at 2pm, join us at the UFT at 3:30 as we continue the event outside the Delegate Assembly! Speakers, Music, Masks, and More

Dear Friends:
We Municipal Retirees have fought back and won every legal case against the City to stop the plan to privatize our Medicare.
Comptroller Brad Lander rejected the contract after a careful review.
Despite all of this, Mayor Adams  is pursuing an appeal in court. The struggle to keep our Medicare is not over! 
We are continuing the fight!
Graphic reading: \

Image of one red tshirt and three facemasks branded withmessaging from Physicians for a National Health Program.

Wear your support with our Medicare For All face masks and Care for Every Body T-shirts!

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