Thursday, May 12, 2022

UFT Elections 2022:The Good, Bad, Ugly Part 1- IT's OVER - FREEDOM (FOR ME) - Unity wins - sort of, UFC (may) live to fight another day

So it appears UFT will go on much as it always has. The three-quarters who didn’t vote are either satisfied or apathetic. Who can say which.... Mike Antouncci at Intercepts
Thursday, May 12, 2022 - Much unhappiness in Mulgrewland

I as at 52 Broadway until after 7:30 last night, some UFC and Unity schmoozing. One reason to go to the election count is to interact with your election buddies and also with friendly Unity people. The rancor of Delegate Assemblies seem to fade away in that social setting. 

But I will do some social commentary in a follow up. I've been in the city for 3 days and nights and it's time to catch a ferry soon back to Rockaway to see my wife and cat and loll around in my backyard, finishing building a deck and working on the garden. But I know you don't want to hear about my life.

Though I will say that over the past 10 months I've had a blast. The first 4 months I was in the background getting daily - hourly reports on the formation of United for Change - talk about good, bad and ugly -- but on the whole ended up mostly good. I know how some in MORE feel about me so didn't want to immerse myself in negotiations - we had very competent people doing that. But I will tell the story one day in my groundbreaking best seller - The History of the Opposition in the UFT.

I got deeply involved by taking charge of the petitions for 6 weeks and then working the past few months on the lit distribution. I asked for an got a role in the UFT election committee and think I made a difference. In the overall process I got to meet many newer,younger MOREs and loved working with them and think we have developed a good relationship. Plus I worked closely with people in other caucuses, especially Lydia Howrilka whom I knew before but worked very closely with in the election.
Let's get to the hard facts and a few preliminary interpretations and hard numbers.
Halabi with the most complete up to date numbers:
Antonucci with early comment at Intercepts: Not Looking Good for Opposition in NYC Union Election  
Before I run to catch the ferry, a few quick notes. I was asked for a quick opinion by an outside the UFT activist. Here are the preliminary thoughts.

  • Tremendous weakness for Mulgrew. Total votes for unity under 30k.
  • Big drop in elementary tho we only kept pace with 2016. We would have needed a big campaign in el to close a 2k gap but getting 33% there is a breakthrough.
  • We lost in middle by 170 votes which keeps Daniel off ex bd. We could have won that with a better campaign.
  • Unity gets 1100 in ms and we get 930? 10k votes sent out. We hit most ms with flyers. Almost useless.
  • Hs is the big one as we got 55% but deep down our number was same as 2016 and unity dropped by 200 and fell under 2k - 21k ballots in hs. sent out.
  • Functional we hit a third which is breakthrough.
  • Retirees was big disappointed. Massive turnout. 28k. Almost 50% turnout and swamped in school vote. I expected bigger turnout would be due to mulgrewcare and go to us. We got same % as last year so unity people came out. Still they dropped from 85-70%.
  • We were a new coalition with lots of moving parts. If more organized we could have won all the teaching positions.
  • I’m betting mulgrew will not run again if they can figure out a replacement.
Before I leave, check for a follow up with a realistic, not celebratory look at this election which sort of  mimics 2016. It a loss for Unity but we have to examine more deeply how much of a win it was for UFC. I may have to duck.


  1. Bottom line: For Unity, this is a win. They hold the majority of folks running the Union and will continue to do so for the next 3 years. Do not expect a fight for a decent contract. Any teacher who did not vote has absolutely no right to complain going forward. Pathetic that only 26% of teachers voted in this election. Apathy is the real winner here.

  2. And suddenly, immediately after the results are known miraculously we have Banks stating he wants a longer day, Saturdays and more. Still no calendar. No SBO agreement for BS extended day time. Call me conspiracy theorist, but in my mind Unity was waiting until after the election on these things. Now they can drop the hammer without consequences to the election. I'd post this on the NYC teacher Facebook page, but my posting rights have been suspended by the Unity person who controls the page. She's very sensitive to anything negative about Unity. Thank you as usual Norm for all you do. It is truly appreciated.

    1. This is a strike issue one where students and teachers could be on the same page

    2. Banks can blow it out his ass like all this predecessors before him with grandiose ideas, meanwhile just proving he is a puppet for the Mayor’s agenda instead of caring about what is best for the students.

  3. Hey Unitymustgo!, I too was suspended from the Facebook teacher group for complaining about Mulgrew. The folks running that page are worse than Biden and his "Ministry of Truth".


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