Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A Message from Andy: Is NYSUT Protecting MulgrewCare under the disguise of protecing our healthcare

 I saw this from Jonathan Halabi and reprinting as an early warning sign. UFT union leaders want to use our healthcare for their own political machinations which is why they oppose medicare for all. Jon issues a wait and watch signal:

Protect our health care?

May 24, 2022 pm31 11:19 pm

I like emails that open with “Protect our health care.” Retirees have recently engaged in a massive struggle to protect their health care – all of our future health care. They fought against New York City, the Municipal Labor Coalition, predatory insurance companies, and Michael Mulgrew.

So I liked this morning’s email from NYSUT

But NYSUT? Andy Pallotta? Works with Mulgrew and the UFT? What do they mean by “Protecting Retiree Health Insurance?

Well, the note says

“a recent court decision potentially limits unions’ ability to protect access to health care for retired public employees across the state.”

Now, if he is referring to the recent decision that made it harder for Mulgrew to force retirees off of Medicare… But is he?

Is there another case that NYSUT is asking us to lobby to fix? Or is NYSUT asking us to lobby on behalf of the MLC, the insurance companies, and Michael Mulgrew?

Protecting Retiree Health Insurance

Unions have — for decades — fought for retiree health coverage in our courts. However, a recent court decision potentially limits unions’ ability to protect access to health care for retired public employees across the state. Our retirees need a legislative fix.

We’re simply asking for the return of the same level playing field that existed prior to this court ruling. Both unions and employers must retain their right to argue their positions around a retiree health care dispute before a court. Our state legislators can guarantee this right and reduce the risk of unnecessary disputes over retiree health insurance benefits. Everyone wins.

Our retirees depend on unions’ ability to fight for them in court. Protecting retirees means protecting this ability.

Take action now!

In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta, NYSUT President

I am suspicious – but I do not know. This could be unrelated to our struggle to protect Medicare from Mulgrew.

Can we dig up some details?



Jonathan said...

I still don't know what they were asking us to lobby for. Is this a bill to let Mulgrew slam our retirees into Medicare Advantage? Or is this something completely different - maybe something we all agree on???

Anonymous said...

No current affairs anymore on this blog. That used to be interesting.

ed notes online said...

I agree - the election is over and I will get back to current and historical affairs. I have a bunch of drafts waiting. I especially want to deal with the democratic party center right issues where they prefer Mitch to AOC.