Saturday, May 7, 2022

Dear UFT Member of PS 107K - How Did The UFC Fliers Disappear? The Chapter Leader Did it

As I reported the other day, a contingent of Retiree Advocate were out in front of PS 107K in Park Slope to leaflet arriving staff with the same leaflet that the chapter leader had threatened to remove from the mail boxes - and apparently he did remove them, thus violating DOE and UFT and Department of labor election rules. I mean there was actually a chancellor's reg he violated. Try to imagine the sickness of these people -- taking stuff out of mailboxes.

The late George Schmidt told me a story about how the Unity Caucus version in Chicago used to do the same thing. So George actually mailed his newsletter through the post office - which is official US Mail and a federal violation for tampering. That year  - I think 2001 - he helped an oppo caucus win that election. If I'm still around for the next election and we raise funds we might try that for schools run by selected Unity scum.

Now my friends are kind-hearted and didn't mention his name. I wanted to but they pointed out we would be subjecting him to possible OSI investigations. Frankly, he deserves it but UFT members  don't rat others out no matter how despicable they are. By the way- Unity people have no such compunction and have actually been filing anonymous complaints against opposition people with OSI. Yes, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. After the election we have so much delicious stuff to write about.

Here is Gloria's report on Facebook.

Electioneering at PS107K: How Did The Fliers Disappear?

Tuesday, May 3rd - bright and early. A contingent of UFT retirees from the United For Change coalition greeted staff at PS107K as they entered their school building after a long holiday weekend. Election fliers had been placed in all UFT member mailboxes the previous Wednesday, but the staff had not received them. 

That is because the school's Chapter Leader did not want United for Change fliers placed in staff mailboxes. He told our election volunteer that he felt that United for Change fliers would "influence" members about how to vote, and he threatened to remove our fliers from the school's mailboxes should he find them there. According to the teachers we spoke to on Tuesday morning, that is exactly what he did.
So, we showed up on Tuesday morning. In order to educate, rather than influence the staff, we attached the following note to the fliers we put in their hands:

 Dear UFT Member of PS 107,
        Last Wednesday, April 27 in the early afternoon, this flier about the current UFT election was placed in your school mailbox. It seems that you might not have received it. Therefore, today we are putting it directly into your hands.
      Thanks for your consideration,
       The United For Change/UFT Slate

We also made sure to visit the mailboxes after the school day started, and were able to provide the staff with additional information about the United for Change slate. Our reception at the school was overwhelmingly positive, and hopefully, we helped the UFT represented members of PS 107K to make well informed choices about the UFT election.




  2. Brings back memories of the 1970's.... Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose?

  3. If you are not going to report this a-hole chapter leader to OSI, the least you can do is post his name. Folks need to know who this scumbag in case they ever have to work with him. Oh yeah, George Schmidt was a great man. (RIP) He helped me out a lot in the late 90's when I first became a P.E. teacher.


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