Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Friday Night Video Update - Marianne interviews RA Candidates Fischer, Brandman, Greenberg

Excellent video, Marianne. It's good to see and hear the Retiree Advocate position. Personally, I was pleased to see that Bennett, Bobby, and Gloria are middle of the road people, not extremist and dug in to tear up everything that has been accomplished over the decades. Nor do they appear to be authoritarian 'my way or the highway' types. What we don't need is a "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" scenario at this stage of the game. I'm all in on wanting to get rid of Murphy and restoring some sanity back into the RTC ballgame. Thank you for all you do.... comment

This comment nailed what the RA campaign is all about. Empowering retirees to take control of their own chapter and possibly change the UFT forever. Unity still has a big block of loyal followers who when told to jump, they try, but usually get as far as up on their toes. Maybe we see some slippage of their core vote but I don't expect all that much. Thus we need to make up the difference from the 40 thousand retirees who didn't vote last time.


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