Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Is Unity suppressing retiree vote, Today - Retired Chapter Meeting, Unity Exec Bd REJECTS Call to oppose Tier 6 Architect

Unity plays hardball and the oppo tries plays by marquess of queensberry rules. -- James Eterno
Point of order, Mr. Murphy. Where is the Motion period for today's meeting, as required by Roberts Rules? In fact there has been no motion periods at any meeting this year.
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Oh, I'd love to make that motion today, but have been overruled by my colleagues and I'm a team player. But James' point about how the oppo tries to play nice is more pertinent than ever. And how about the Unity crowd claiming to oppose Tier 6 while endorsing an architect? Makes one want to be uncivil.

RA and Unity are in GOTV faze - contacting all UFT retirees to make sure they get their ballot and vote -- which requires actually going to a mail box. I will speculate on the outcome in a day or so. Unity is focused on getting out their vote while the main threat to them comes from those who usually don't vote. So why not make it harder for them?
Ok, I've got to catch the ferry to the city for the May retiree chapter teacher meeting where we can hear Tom Murphy and maybe Mulgrew and even today possibly Randi pontificate on every issue but healthcare. With the chapter election on, expect lots of gaslighting. I'd love to be positively uncivil.
I didn't make it to the UFT  Exec Bd last night to see the predicted outcome of our reso calling for the DA to vote on the Tier 6 champion, Micah Lasher endorsement, as I reported yesterday:
at the NYSUT assembly, every delegate we send is a member of Unity Caucus. There is no proportional representation, certainly no independents, and all positions are elected at large (high school members don’t even get to elect their reps, or I’d be at the RA too). In other words, Lasher, with his history of anti-UFT activities, only got an endorsement because every NYC teacher in the room was a member of Unity. Your average non-Unity teacher would not have voted yes to Lasher. Good luck fighting for Tier 6 if we’re sitting there deciding to send our COPE dollars to elect one of its architects. We must reform the endorsement process, as, again, I argue here.
Nick points to the perils of winner take all, as is the retired chapter election. I wouldn't want our side to have total control either. But at least if we win, our 300 DA candidates have a variety of views and no caucus discipline. Since UFC got about one third of the total vote, in a proportional system we would have had over 200 NYSUT and AFT delegates, a better mix for the benefit of the UFT. But Unity doesn't care about the betterment of the UFT.

Unity actually had the nerve to claim Lasher has reformed and now supports public schools. Which is why the charter and Bloomberg crowd are pouring in money. Sometimes I smack my head when I hear Trumpies repeat FOX mantras. Unity is actually worse.

Is it time to be uncivil?
Unity has been attacking Retiree Advocate for being uncivil, which I find funny since I fight in the RA organizing group to be more uncivil and am in the minority. My colleagues seem to go out of the way to be civil, which is maddening to me. Like they worry about Unity heckling while I say fuck Unity. To me the Unity campaign to keep the oppo under control works, as my pals are convinced that making too much noise will cause us to lose votes. I say, the people objecting are Unity and we can be tame pussycats (which we are) and they won't vote for us. I think the oppo tails the anger of many in the rank and file who want to see more fire from the oppo. When New Action was on the UFT Ex Bd 25 years ago I was often disturbed at the way they responded - or didn't respond - to Unity attacks.

The late, great James Eterno, who when in New Action was the most aggressive, used to repeat endlessly -- Unity plays hardball and the oppo tries to play by marquess of queensberry rules.
I'm particularly pissed at the actions of the Unity controlled election committee which denied us other than 1 rep while they pack the meetings with 4 Unity. The latest is that at the June 14th vote count we will not be able to observe directly but through a barrier. Until recent elections we had full access. That is not observing. I also object to the delays - we pay AAA a fortune and they can't run more scanners, which break down constantly and delay the vote. In elections in years past we had faster results. I intend to make some noise at the count. I don't trust Unity and I don't trust the cozy relationship to the AAA. LeRoy Barr, the head of Unity Caucus, consults with them and claims he is representing the UFT, not Unity. Sure.

J'Accuse: Unity/AAA Delayed ballots suppress the vote
So we were told that ballots were to go out on May 10 but no one we know received their ballot until at least a week later and many haven't gotten it yet. Then when asked, AAA reported "on or about May 10." Really?

I asked a former colleague who is a snowbird and up in Boston now and he hasn't gotten his ballot and probably never will unless he contacts AAA and gets them to send to his summer home. I expect we will have loads of people who ask the AAA for replacements and they do la, di, da and it takes a week to get one and another week for it to get back to AAA? If I were on the election committee I'd demand they extend the deadline for ballots received to a few extra days to make up for the delayed mailing. 
But of course that will be rejected, as Unity is all about vote suppression. They are the Republican Party of the UFT.

Now we know by their actions, that Unity is nervous, as Jonathan chronicled: The UFT Retiree Election and “Unusual Activity”.

At today's meeting Retiree Advocate will be handing out our standard leaflet, but I am handing out a supplemental leaflet based on reporting by Wendell Potter damning Aetna/CVS and the impact on Mulgrewcare. Read the entire article here. I modified it for today's meeting.

Educators of NYC comments on the Unity spin on Lasher last night:

Once again @UFTUnity has been loose with the facts. Yesterday, they voted down a UFT exec board resolution that would bring the @nysut endorsement of @MicahLasher to a more direct vote by @UFT delegates. (The UFT has endorsed him via proxy essentially thru a NYSUT vote.) One argument that Unity apparatchiks made is that he is ANTI-CHARTER schools, now. This simply isn’t true. His politically expedient change of tone is not a change of heart. While he no longer heads the charter school PAC, StudentsFirst NY, nothing in his career or his current positions as a candidate for state office in the last 8 years indicates this. While he has called for more *accountability of charters*, such as special education and other areas, you won’t find a SINGLE instance where he says he is against charter schools. Because he isn’t. Lest we forget during his most recent 3 year stint as director of policy for @GovKathyHochul, we see her administration called for lifting the state cap entirely last year and when rebuffed by the state legislature, Hochul worked out a deal to bring back 22 zombie charters statewide — 14 in NYC. Hochul is pro-charter. And you bet your bottom dollar — so is Lasher. The donor money he’s beginning to compile in his run for AD 69 is starting to have privateer Bloomberg fingerprints all over it, too. Lots of former Bloomberg administration folks, and most prominently, Emma Bloomberg and her husband, Jeremiah Kittredge, who used to run the maligned charter lobby operation, Families for Excellent Schools, before it was caught up in scandal. 

Source. politico.com/states/new-yor


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Anonymous said...

Of course! Unity has been controlling the AFT and NYSUT delegate vote - - by this I mean holding delegates hostage and ORDERING them to vote for whomever MM and his coven want - - instead of letting them vote they way they (and most members) want for years. Secret ballots having been secret for at least 15 years. Delegates must sign ballots and pass them and their unsealed envelopes forward until a Unity goon can inspect it. Only when all ballots have been examined are the delegates released from being held hostage (usually in the hall where the general assembly is being held after the gen. assembly has dismissed for the evening).