Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Early Returns on Eterno/Zahler Debate

Thank you James Eterno for participating in the debate on WBAI tonight. You were strong and concise. You presented the ICE-TJC position with pride. The views of ICE-TJC were explained with no hint of antagonism or malice in you words and voice. I'm sorry to say this was not true of your opponent. You clearly were the winner. The union should be proud to have you as a representative.

Bravo, James! You did an excellent job tonight on the WBAI debate with Unity's Jeff Zaller. I agree that you were the clear winner. Your statements were clear and strong and reflected the ICE/TJC position very well. You were not defensive and challenged Unity with intelligence. You gave specific examples of what ICE/TJC believe is wrong with the UNITY approach to leadership and presented an alternative way to lead our union!
Bravo once again!
(The show will be archived and can be listened to on-line from the WBAI website-


  1. To: Norman Scott
    From: Sal Emanuele, Counselor at Jamaica HS, Queens, NY

    I had no idea I was a lock step individual, nor do many of my counseling colleagues. I have been with the Dept of Education since 1985 when it was the Board of Education. Not once has anyone told me how to vote or what politics I should practice. I resent the inference that counselors don’t know how to think for ourselves. One thing we are taught in counseling it not to prejudge, but you seem to lump all counselors into the same boat. Some of us don’t even like to sail. We are all different and think differently a trait some UFT members seem to appreciate. There are 2000 counselors who are part of the UFT. Over the years the City has tried to pay us like we were part of 1199. Our union president Randi Weingarten, and chapter leader, Angela Reformato, put a stop to that. When teachers were offered a raise the city did not want to give the same raise to the counselors. The president of the UFT and the counselor chapter leader put a stop to that. When ever there have been counseling issues and we needed the Unions help, our president and chapter leader has been there for us. What has your leader done for any member of the union, counselor or otherwise. It would seem that you are an expert on lock step since you seem to expound on the negatives and never see a positive. Is your group not lock stepping?

  2. Sal
    What the hell are you talking about? Lock step? Are you missing a key?

    From your post I can tell you are in Unity and in fact I notice you are running on the slate. When you win you get to go to the conventions at our expense and maybe you can even get an extra job with the union.

    Wait a minute. I take back what I said about not knowing what you mean by lock-step.

  3. James could have destroyed him. And maybe he should have. I understand time was a factor. Next time, show no mercy!

  4. 300 person negotiating committee was a sham, disconnect with members, not real raises when we work extra hours and days...

  5. Seriously, does ICE even serve a real purpose other than to drive a wedge within our union? Has ICE ever accomplished anything worthy of mention? And no, a sham presidential candidate in the last election, shoddy quality YouTube films, and heckling during the Delegate Assembly doesn't count.

    -Son Of Unity, the next generation
    I'll be back!


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