Friday, May 4, 2007

Bloomberg vision: a childless New York

Mayor Blomberg, the education mayor, has found a solution to all educational problems that have bedeviled urban areas for decades: a city without children. As posted by Leonie Haimson on her listserve, it is clear that if you build it without schools, they will come. Well, at least the childless will come. What to do when children arrive and there are no neighborhood schools to send them to? Easy. Find a private school or move to the suburbs.

Selections of Leonie Haimson post on nyceducationnews listerve. Read the full post at Norm's Notes.

Even though the Mayor assembled a task force on sustainability to come up w/ suggestions for how to serve a population that is expected to grow by a million by 2030, to deal w/ the increased pressure on housing, energy, sewage, transportation, parks, playgrounds, and other municipal services, the task force was explicitly instructed to leave out schools from their considerations – even though most of our schools are already overcrowded and are likely to become even more so in the future.

See the report of plaNYC 2030 at

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  1. I thought the mayor was doing a fine job. Why else would teachers and parents have canceled the May 9th rally and come to the support of his latest reorganization?


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