Saturday, May 26, 2007

My friend's son the rock star

My old Brooklyn College friend Dan just emailed the link to his son Sam's (that's him on the left) latest rock efforts on youtube. Sam was born in Israel and grew up in Washington and various parts of Australia as his dad's job led to lots of moving around (and lots of free places for us to stay on our visits.) On most of their visits to NYC Sam ended up spending a day with the kids at my school, where his Aussie/Washington accent was certainly a novelty.

His dad grew up in Williamsburg in Brooklyn but currently resides in Fremantle in southwestern Australia, about as far away as you can get from here.

Before he retired, Dan worked for the CI- er- US Information Service. Let's see - he was stationed in Kinshasa - riots, Laos - revolution, Australia - twice - -didn't the prime minister drown?, Jerusalem (where Sam was born) - 'nuff said, Paris - in an office that was hidden behind a fake butcher shop, and a few tours of Washington -- maybe even during Watergate.

Dan and wife Robyn (a native Fremantalian?) will be dropping by our Rockaway manse this summer for a month. We're ready for anything.

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