Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mendel Honed Skills Negotiating with Ed Notes

Impressed by his negotiating skills at convincing the editor of Ed Notes to stop video taping at the May 9th Delegate Assembly so as not to embarrass Deputy Mayor David Doctoroff during his lengthy appearance, Randi Weingarten appointed Michael Mendel, the current Secretary of the Union and Staff Director, as Executive Assistant to the President. A UFT spokesperson said that Mendel's concern for the Deputy Mayor while 800 delegates and chapter leaders stewed over being dragged to a meeting where all regular UFT business was suspended due to the appearance of Doctoroff and many people from the DOE made him a perfect mesh for Weingarten's policies.

Weingarten said Mendel will learn the ropes of negotiation and "all of the things I have not delegated in the past." As reported on the ICE blog by Jeff Kaufman, "We wish Michael well in his new position and can only hope he is able to win back all of the concessions we lost in the last contracts."

Ed Notes has received an advance plan of Weingarten's lessons on negotiating:

1. Speak loudly to the members, but carry a small stick with BloomKlein.

2. The prime directive in negotiating is to give up as much as the contract for money as possible but create the illusion for the members that nothing has been lost.

Send along other tips for Michael.

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