Monday, May 21, 2007

Coming Soon to UFT Staff: Loyalty Oaths?

With his new position as UFT Staff Director, Unity Caucus leader Jeff Zahler will have to give up his dual full-time positions of monitoring opposition blogs and as chief writer of red-baiting leaflets for Unity. In a recent speech at the Delegate Assembly he said he was proud of writing the red-baiting leaflet attacking ICE-TJC presidential candidate Kit Wainer.

Zahler brings a rich background to his new position as a disciple of red-hunter Joseph McCarthy and will be instituting loyalty oaths for all UFT employees.

Personally, seeing Zahler's role as full-time Unity attack dog be diminished is a sad day. His last leaflet, which focused on attacking the author of this blog, was a literary work of art. Released on bright yellow paper, it has been nominated for a Pulitzer for yellow journalism.

Good luck in your new position Jeff. Go get those reds under the beds at UFT HQ.

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  1. I think yo are maybe being a bit too harsh on Jeffrey. I don't know him as the person you describe. He was always warm and professional and will be sorely missed by many including myself.I wish him all the best.


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