Friday, November 23, 2007

Billionaires for Educational Reform

Billionaire Smellington B. Worthington III, has started the "Billionaires for Educational Reform" (BER) blog, where the self-made billionaire will comment on reforming the NYC school system. Reportedly wealthier than NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, thus making Worthington III even more credible than the Mayor on deciding the future of public education.

Smellington “pulled himself up with just the sweat of his brow, the grit in his character, a portfolio of stocks and properties, a substantial inheritance, and ivy-league education, and a hefty trust fund. In his younger years, Mr. Worthington attended private schools, as do his three children. He is now selflessly turning his valuable time and attention toward the public schools, in order to produce a better, more reliable class of worker.”

Smellington for President! Or Chancellor

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