Monday, November 26, 2007

Videos from Panel for Educational Policy

I finally got to cut up all the parts of the tape I made at the Sept. PEP and post them as individual videos (all less than 10 minutes) on you tube. Here are the direct links.

Speakers from the public get 2 minutes to make their point.

TAGNYC (Teacher Advocacy Group) Speak out to Klein.
3 members do a continuous statement lasting over 6 minutes and they make their point.

Norm Scott on Teacher Quality at the Sept. PEP
I go over so often to talk about this issue which everyone, especially our union leaders, seems to feel is the key ingredient. Not so - teachers will fit the usual bell curve of quality, just as doctors and lawyers and all other jobs do. Lowering class size will result in an immediate uptick on teacher quality in many cases.

Staten Island CEC 31 rep critiques Tweed on SLT

Betsy Combier and Polo Colon have been regulars at the PEP and follow up here.

Patrick Sullivan is the Manhattan rep on the PEP (one of 5 borough appointees - the rest are appointed by Bloomberg) and can go into questioning in depth.

Patrick Sullivan and Chris Cerf on teacher turnover

Patrick Sullivan and James Leibman on parent surveys

Patrick Sullivan at PEP on Military recruitment

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