Monday, November 12, 2007

Your description of the hostile takeover...

....of PS 97 by Bard with Burt Sachs as the agent misses a point (see post on Bard and PS 97). As staff, we were completely dedicated to our kids and their parents. We offered the kids what no one else in their short lives had given them - security, stability and nurturing. Sachs should have known that when he walked in with his clip board and "measured for drapes". Our service to them was obvious to anyone who walked in - even the State Ed. Dept. It is hard to know whether or not we raised reading scores, the students weren't in our school long enough. Even after he left after that visit, we were not told that the school was closing! We did not know until the end of the school year that we were closing - and were not even sure where we were going. A complete disregard for the staff and the children we worked for every day. The irony of it is that he was hired by the UFT and we now our dues pay the man who screwed us a hefty salary.

I guess I should remain anonymous, because if I ever get sent to the TRC on bogus charges, I may be giving this man the opportunity to screw me twice.

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  1. A lot of truth there about Sachs. I was involved at the time and 97
    had a good young staff that was struggling against tremendous odds. The supt, Helen Santiago was in cahoots with Sachs and Botstein and
    Harold Levy.


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