Saturday, November 10, 2007

Worth Noting

Pseudo-Intellectualism takes a look at "A" rated school PS 188M that Joel Klein so raved about when the grades came out. On the school survey, 100% of the teachers said there was little order or discipline maintained at the school and 79% of the teachers said they get little help from the admin in addressing student behavior and discipline problems. But why should these teachers' opinions count for the school grade when we all know that schools in disorder have little real learning going on. My guess is the principal has naked pictures of James Liebman.

Jim Horn at Schools Matter on the Bloomberg-Klein plan to charterize the entire city school system.

NYC Educator looks under every rock and finds the UFT and Green Dot. (And congrats on reaching almost 900 visitors the other day.)

and Gary Babad of GBN News reports on an interview with ARIS officials on the NYC public school parent blog.

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  1. NEWS FLASH.. The UFT is circulating a Petion Against DOE School Report Cards. Some highlights of the petition include.. "By awarding a school a grade from A to F , the progress report trivializes the complexity of teaching and learning. It is a punitive system that ultimately hurts, not helps, schools." Then it goes on to list major concerns "* overemphasizes testing *will potentially drive schools into doing even more test prep at the expense of learning. * is based on a curve so that there will always be losers" It goes on and on, but I personally love the last bullet * demoralizes whole school communities that have worked hard for the sucess of their schools.. Sounds to me like a petition against MERIT PAY!! What a contradiction. Can't have your cake and eat it too!


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