Saturday, November 24, 2007

Patrick Sullivan and Christopher Cerf at the PEP

Christopher Cerf, NYCDOE head of Human resources explains a new service of the DOE using some nice jargon - like they "blue skied it." Huh? Patrick Sullivan asks him whether teacher retention/turnover in each school has been accounted for. "No" says Cerf. Wonder why not? But he says it will be. Start holding your breath.

To Cerf/Klein, when many teachers vacate a school they consider it a plus for the principal who got rid of all those senior (expensive) teachers who once felt they had a union and might infect the new teachers with the disease.


  1. Re: The "Peptobismo" Meeting

    The verbal diarrhea that is produced monthly at these PEP meetings is simply PepToBysmal.

    I say Mr. Norman Scott deserves to immediately, if not sooner, receive the Victoria Cross from the Queen of England, for Conspicuous Courage Under Fire, for his selflessness and self sacrifice in subjecting himself to the stench of these "meetings"- where odors are "meted" out that could surely wake the dead. (viz even a Joel Klein, Esq. stooge)

    I seem to recall that in some of Mr. Scott's previous footage, he succeeded in capturing some of these clouds of putrified stench, floating gently across the room.

    On second thought, I think I'll ask the Queen to throw in a Knighthood as well for Mr. Scott for his continuous courage under fire (or under stench) to preserve these monthly bouts of insanity for future generations.

    For it certainly requires more than a Norm-al brand of heroism to put up with so much 100 per cent pure, unadulterated NYC DOE Bullshit and survive to tell about it.

    And if I might be permitted to pose a quick question to the newly Knighted, recipient of the Victoria Cross:

    Sir Norman:

    " How much surf, could a Chris Cerf surf;

    If a Chris Cerf could surf-surf" ??

  2. Why wasn't this meeting conducted using the workshop model???? Too much chalk and talk.

  3. I thinketh you giveth Norman Scotteth to much credith.

  4. Re: Previous comment-

    Forget about praying for the soul of the Great Bard and start praying for your own soul. Willy hath no need of such mortals as thou art to defend him. His Literary output doth speaketh for his Noble Self quite well.

    Credit in this world belongs to the doer- not the critic.

    Any person who does one per cent of what Sir Norm does to expose Mr. Klein and his armies of hacks, stooges, lackeys, sycophants, excessively overpaid "consultants" hatchet creeps and clubhouse cronies might possibly garner my respect. And I emphasize- might.

    Unless you make it into that Illustrious League of doers, like Sir Norm, who actually have the miraculous patience to stomach Joel Klein, Esq.'s absurd monthly yada shows intended to make the public think they actually have a say in Education, please remember that silence is Golden and that critics should maybe be seen- but certainly never heard.

    And just for making that uncalled for snide remark about Sir Norman I am going to now bestow yet one more title on his illustrious brow:

    Sir Norman, We ordinary mortals shall henceforth recognize your Right to have added to your many titles- that of Baron of Tweed Hall and Official Observer of all Tweed Manure.

    Titles NOT to be confused with the rather shabby titles more than amply earned long ago, by Mr. Joel Klein, Esq., Pretender to the Chancellor's Throne.

    To Wit: "Barren" of Brains, Lord of Liars, Marquis of Mendacity and finally Count of Connivers.

    Please forgive the fact that space and time do not allow this humble author to fully credit the Grinner with the full list of appelations to which many recognize his obvious and just claim.


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