Thursday, April 3, 2008

Francis Lewis HS Teacher Responds to NY Post article

Read it here.

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  1. Norm, maybe you can answer these questions? How do observations work in regards to how many and our rights to refuse or reschedule? An untenured teacher in my building (elementary) has been observed twice (satisfactorily) and has been told she MUST be observed 4 times as per policy by the new (trying to prove themselves) AP. This teacher is pregnant and leaves on maternity leave Wednesday of next week and is scheduled to deliver on Friday morning. She asked me for advice because our UFT rep wasn't very helpful (more on that in a bit). Everything I can find on the UFT website seems to imply 2 is the minimum requirement, although it is implied more can be done. I ask because she was notified yesterday (Thursday) she would be observed on Wednesday (her last day). A pre-op was scheduled for today Friday. This AP has created her own pre-op work sheet questionnaire, which she makes teachers fill out prior to her observing them. In addition she requests they use her lesson plan format and gives them a blank template to fill in. Is any of this allowable? The teacher spoke to our UFT rep and the rep simply said try talking to her about your concerns, I’m sure she’ll be sympathetic. The AP was very sympathetic; she changed the observation to Monday! This teacher is scheduled to return to finish out the school year the last 2 weeks of June. What are her rights if any? Can you point me to anything more tangible than the loosely worded verbal diarrhea on the UFT website?



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