Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Students at Manhattan Center Protest Teacher in Rubber Room

We've heard lots of RR stories but this may be the first student protest. Teachers are protesting too - I saw a teacher from the school with a black armband last week. That so many students are denied their teacher is one of the under reported aspects of putting teachers in the RR. I have lots of stories where the teacher is charged with such bull that could easily have been resolved without shipping them out. Check out NYC Educator's take today. Check the video of Michael Meenan's NY 1 report.


  1. Unbelievable. You'd think assisting your students left and right so much so that they are ACTUALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU would count for something...

  2. That same teacher came back to the school yesterday and got himself arrested for getting into a physical altercation with that same principal, he was handing out business cards promoting his blog he created against the principal, mind you he retired in June!


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