Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tweed G&T "Reform" - And the Winners Are?

More from BloomKlein, those great civil rights activists. They get more MLK-like every day.

Eduwonkette reports (Of course the Quick and the Ed won't believe these numbers, as they bow down to the God of BloomKlein, from some anonymous person who is not ready to throw her credentials on the table):

The Upper West Side Relief Act of 2008 (Or: More on Gifted Admissions in NYC)

Upper West Side kids face obstacles, folks - sometimes there are two Bugaboo strollers blocking their path to the Elephant Playground at 76rd and Riverside. Joel Klein recognized their struggle against adversity, and gently tweaked the gifted and talented admissions rules to open the door of opportunity for all (Manhattan) kids.
Make no mistake - NYC's poorer community school districts lost out under the new gifted and talented admissions process. Full report with maps here.

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