Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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James Eterno posts on the ICE blog about how working teachers are now a minority in the UFT and suggests a program for democratic reform of the UFT. There will be zero debate on this issue in all bodies of the UFT, a perfect illustration of James' point.

Under Assualt makes a point about the way schools are staffed today - with a majority of new, lower cost teachers, a recipe for disaster. The BloomKlein attack on union rules and seniority claimed the system was shortchanging school in most need as teachers used union rules to gravitate to the better schools (meaning easier places to teach.) Then their minions place senior, higher salaried people under assault, followed by a school funding formula that puts a penalty on schools that hire teachers with higher salaries. They used the language of the civil rights movement to get the black community on board - see, your kids are being denied the experienced teachers. So, take a look at the schools and tell us what has happened. I bet that under BloomKlein there's less experience in the schools than ever. So they change tune - "see, we now have a young, committed teaching corps. So what if many leave. We'll just train a new crop."

Teaching is all about testing anyway and in the factory model you don't need the same level of skills in classrooms under the complete control of the teachers - the term being used is the de-skilling of teachers.

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