Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Rising Costs of Health Care and NYC Union Contracts

Tuesday April 22 at 6 PM.
Brooklyn Transit Wheelers Club
14 Williams Ave (corner of East NY Ave.)

Hello Friends:
Please check out the attached flyer.

It would be wonderful if you could attend this very important health care forum. I know many of you are already familiar with GHI-HIP's plans to privatize; however, your support would be greatly welcomed and could help opposition movements gain traction in their attempts to defeat the plan to privatize 93% of city workers' health care insurance.

City unions have remained virtually silent on the issue because they have plans to reap millions of dollars from a pool of conversion money.

The intent of this forum is to raise worker consciousness about a serious health care issue and to follow it up with a number of public demonstrations.

More info about these demonstrations will follow in the coming weeks.

It is also my hope that my UFT brothers and sisters will come out and show their support at the forum and the proposed demonstrations. This issue is important to teachers and can, I think, make inroads toward organizing ourselves to resist and overcome Unity Caucus' lack of effort in seriously challenging the DOE's attempts to privatize and destroy our school system as well as Unity's stranglehold on antidemocratic procedures and willingness to repeatedly engage in give-backs with the DOE.


John Powers, Chapter Leader, Liberation HS in Brooklyn.
P.S. I will speak at the forum.

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