Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Education Summit in Rockaway

Back in April, a supposed education bloggers summit was held in Washington – on a school day when most teachers couldn't attend.

The idea of having a NYC Ed bloggers summit of people who actually teach was hatched. When is the best time? Why during the summer when teachers are most available.

An influential community of educational activists and powerful voices from the blogosphere has grown in the NYC area. This has been an exciting development. But some of these pockets of activity are isolated from others. And those that are in touch all too often people see each other at meetings but have little opportunity to socialize.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to get together in a relaxing environment for an afternoon and evening of socializing (and socialization).

If BloomKlein had dropped a net from a helicopter and lifted off, they would have removed a major source of criticism
So, yesterday, I invited around 60 education activists (and some friends) out to Rockaway to chat, chew and hang out. I could have asked a hundred but my deck would have sunk into the sea. (Sorry, I know I missed some people.)

Forty five showed up and the day turned from cloudy and muggy into the spectacular afternoons and evenings we have out here so often. Many took the 3 block stroll to the beach. On the way back they could see the Manhattan skyline lurking in the background at the end of my block.

Truly multi-generational
People with a 40 year age gap from NYCORE, Teachers Unite, ICE, ICOPE, parent advocates from the NYC Education listserve, assorted independents and UFT activists. And a bunch of bloggers, many anonymous (they were invited to wear Joel Klein, Randi Weingarten or Eduwonkette masks.) Some who were online friends, met for the first time.

People asked if Eduwonkette, the subject of Elizabeth Green's piece in yesterays' NY Sun, was around. Maybe she was. How would we know? She's anonymous.

"Why didn't you invite Randi Weingarten," some joked.

Sorry, we only asked activists.

Filmmaker Elizabeth Rodd joined us to do some interviews for her film on NYC education.
What did they talk about? How do I know. I was busy grilling, moving trash, and generally making sure the person known as NLSW (Norm's Long Suffering Wife) wasn't going to make me sleep under the deck.

Dave B. put up a panorama shot here.

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  1. Is it true that Michelle Rhee was there? I heard that she was sneaking around, looking for more people to fire.


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