Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Substance Gets AFT Credentials

George Schmidt left a message a few hours ago that the AFT has given Substance press credentials to cover the AFT convention July 9-14. Check the convention schedule here.

Maybe George will get some nice footage of our Unity Caucus brethren shopping and spending your dues on meals.

I can't tell you how many Unity members say they only join the Caucus for the freebie trip every 2 years - oh, and the 2 days off, all expense paid NYSUT convention in March. Did you know that even though Unity people live in the NYC, they get free hotel rooms at the Hilton. What a life.

By the way, ICE voted at its meeting today to make a counter offer (see picture.)

1 comment:

  1. Looking at that picture I'm able to discern that Amy Winehouse was at the annual ICE summer picnic and pig roast today.

    Way to go, first Ralph Nader shows up at a rally that you guys happen to be at and now this. You make us all proud.


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