Sunday, July 6, 2008

We Get Lettters

Mr Scoot,
How are your ? Can you remember me? I'm the girl who has cried because her team failed in the match in FLL. I'm busy with my study, so I touch with your so late. I feel sorry about it.
I wanted to watch your blog, but I can't find it in the Internet. I just want to see the photo about you and me. Because you said you would put it in your blog.
My summer holiday is coming,what about your? Will you come to China to watch the Olympic Games? I hope to see you in China.
Keep touch with me if you have time. I'm eager to receive your letter.


Okay, so at the Asian FLL Open in Tokyo in April, when I and my co-ref (a strong-willed college kid from Tokyo - thank god - because I would have caved in a minute) took 40 points off because their oil barrel was touching the water, the kids on the Chinese (mainland) team argued vehemently, claiming the rules translated into Chinese did not include this provision. Their chief lawyer, a 16 year old boy who I would want representing me anytime, finally said, "Well, give us half. We'll settle for 20." Sorry, no can do. At which point Serena started to cry, saying it was all her fault. I gave them all my card and told them to come to NY to help us with our tournaments. The next day they came around to take pictures.

Note the pandas on their heads.

Oh, and if there are any grammar police out there, excuse me for not marking up Serena's wonderful attempt at English.

And feel free to call me Scoot.

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  1. ___________________________________

    Re: Mr. Norman Scott

    "International Lifetime Teacher" and definitely - "One of a Kind"


    You are too much. You taught with singular distinction for three and a half decades. During all those years you were an ardent and highly dedicated UFT Union member and courageous activist who never backed down from a "good fight".

    You never ceased to extend yourself to the very limits of "body and soul" to defend and assist your fellow educators, not to mention about 30 "Gazillion" socio-economically deprived "inner city" at risk children in the heart of Brooklyn all of whom still remember you with the fondest of Golden Memories.

    And now, having paid enough lifetime "dues" to sail right through those Pearly Gates when that (far off I hope) time comes- here and there and everywhere are you to be found, (assuming anyone could ever muster the stamina to keep up with you), globe-trotting around this crazy, beautiful world of ours, that God has made for us, helping, touching the hearts and inspiring, yet another generation of God's children.

    If you don't deserve Great Britain's, "Victoria Cross" for Valor- (for conspicuous action beyond the call of Duty), as well as that little Red lapel ribbon, the "Legion of Honor" which the French like to bestow upon their finest and most acclaimed Citizens, and finally the American "Presidential Medal of Freedom", as much as anyone I know, then I sure as heck cannot imagine any other New Yorker who does have a claim to those distinctions.

    May the Gods give you the strength of body and spirit to "keep on keeping on" for another three decades as you continue to tour and circle the globe, proving to the people of this wonderful world, that despite the fact that our Education system has been temporarily hijacked by a former Federal prosecutor and assorted businessmen, (but not forever), New York City teachers are still the best, most dedicated and most generous hearted educators on this old Earth.

    God Bless you Norm for being who you are. I consider it an honor that I can call myself your friend.

    Yours always- in Solidarity for the values we share and all God's children who we both Love, Treasure and Cherish (and always will).

    David Pakter


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