Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gary Babad Aims to Rule the World

When NYC parent Gary Babad announced on the NYC Public School Parent blog July 18 that his GBN News was acquiring the NY Times, more than a few eyebrows were raised.

His press release stated:
"It is unclear just what effects this takeover will have on the Times reporting, or their staff."

Sure Gary. Barely 2 weeks into your tenure as owner of the NY Times, you get this puff piece about you planted in a newspaper YOU CONTROL.

Just another outrageous abuse of power by the megalomaniacal Babad, who just a month before was awarded an exclusive no-bid contract as the sole distributor of NYCDOE press releases.

"Given the size of the DOE public relations budget, industry experts speculate that this contract alone could have financed GBN’s takeover of the Times,"GBN News reported at the time.

The ugly rumor around the street is that Babad's next move will be to buy Bloomberg L.P.


  1. great NY Times article today, keep up the ironic-humor, all too true

  2. __________________________________

    The Latest New York Times "Ed Story" Reflects Just How "Ba-Bad" Things Have Become

    One of the 20th Century's most brutal dictators once very correctly observed:

    "If you kill one man it is called 'murder'. But if you kill one million people it simply becomes a 'statistic'."

    The NY Times certainly deserves a special award in Journalism for having so mastered the art of avoiding reporting real and important news issues, that the Times is clearly in a class by itself.

    Via the tactic of injecting the element of humor into news that already conveniently contains the element of humor, the NY Times continues to pretend that it is "on top" of what is going on in the New York City Schools system under the "reign" of Chancellor (by Special State Waiver) Joel Klein, Esq.

    At the same time, such exercises in non-reporting, allow the Times to give the impression that they do not shy away from "controversy" and fulfilling their fiduciary journalistic responsibility to keep the public "informed" with "All the News That's Fit to Print".

    I have every respect for Mr. Gary Babad's clearly immense gifts as a humorist and extraordinary talent at satire and parody. I have even more respect for this gentleman for having chosen to devote his life to the field of Social Work, perhaps, along with teaching, one of the most demanding, exhausting and important occupations in urban settings today.

    The true tragedy, and in fact a journalistic crime, is that the NY Times uses the opportunity to report on Mr. Babad's brilliant sense of satire, to totally avoid covering the real issues that are the sources of his satire.

    In short, the ongoing vicious war against New York City's long term, dedicated UFT member/teachers, via "teacher cleansing", whereby the NYC DOE uses every conceivable and flimsy, trumped up excuse they can conjure up to banish educators who they deem "trouble makers/not with the new DOE program", to Joel Klein's Rubber Room gulags.

    Once there, a teacher can languish for months, sometimes even years, until they finally have their "day in 3020a Teacher Court" which is generally speaking, little more than the most grotesque mockery of Justice under the Sun.

    Joel Klein, Esq. and his armies of mindless stooges, obedient lackeys, willing flunkies, boot licking lapdogs and humorless hatchet men and women will not be satisfied until the only teachers left remaining in the public schools are all under 28 years old, untenured, walking, talking automatons.

    The fact that any one who speaks out regarding Dept of Education wrongdoing, whether of a Civil or Ciminal nature, is exiled faster than a speeding bullet to the growing number of NYC DOE "Rubber Rooms" is not considered worthy of being deemed even a small part of "All the News That's Fit to Print" by the NY Times.

    But a "newspaper" that went to the most extensive and egregious efforts to downplay reporting of the Holocaust by burying reports of the murders of hundreds of thousands of victims deep inside its inner pages until as late as 1943 and 1944, to avoid "ruffling feathers", could hardly be expected to have much sympathy or interest in the fates of teacher Whistle-blowers and/or other educators of conscience who risk their careers and livelihoods to report "All the News That's Fit to Print".

    The New York Times has time and time again made clear where their allegiances are to be found.

    And it is certainly not with the dedicated men and women who year after year devote their lives and give their all, to educate, nurture and protect more than one million NYC public school children.

    Thank you New York Times for absolutely nothing. You have not changed a bit in 60 years.

    Should we not all say together:

    "BeDee, BeDee, Bebad- that's all folks"

    David Pakter

    Once a "Teacher of the Year"

    Still Standing


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