Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mugabe Hires UFT as Consultant

Ed Notes News reports:
Robert Mugabe, suffering in the wake of bad publicity over his recent election where he was the only candidate, has hired the UFT/Unity Caucus publicty machine to clean up his image.

A Mugabe spokesperson said:

We were very impressed with their operation and how they almost pulled off running Randi Weingarten for President of the UFT in 2004 unopposed by offering New Action, the opposition party at the time, a deal where they would run a slate to give the appearance there was an opposition but leave the presidential spot open so Weingarten could run without opposition, just as Mugabe did, but with lousy PR.

It was a brilliant concept, that was only foiled when
TJC decided to run and ICE came into existence to do the same. But did that stop them? In the 2007 election, they went even further by cross-endorsing candidates with New Action and though only 22% of the active teaching staff voted, they proclaimed it a great victory even though only 15% of the working teacher corps voted for Unity Caucus.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. We expect the
UFT/Unity PR campaign to lead to Robert Mugabe being proclaimed one of the great democrats of our time.

His backup plan in case things go wrong is to become chancellor of the NYC school system.

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  1. Very nice Norman. Are you going to follow up this riveting piece by writing satire where Hitler's reanimated corpse hires the UFT? How about Slobodan Milošević, Saddam Hussein, or Idi Amin?



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