Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bloomberg Does Stint at Comedy Club

NYC Teachers were rolling in the aisles with laughter after hearing this Bloomyism:

Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday that parents should butt out of trying to dictate educational policy as the debate over mayoral control of the schools intensifies.

"You do not want parents setting educational policy. You do not want parents telling teachers how to teach. Teachers would not be happy about that," Bloomberg said on his WOR radio program.

"That's what you have professionals for," he added.

NY Post, May 23

Professional educators like Joel Klein and his merry band of Tweeders, of course.

I didn't think Bloomberg was capable of jokes beyond telling pregnant employees to "get rid of it."

Leonie Haimson wasn't laughing:
While Bloomberg is contemptuous of parents and says educators not parents should be in charge, the reality is that he has disempowered both parents and educators in his effort to privatize and corporatize the system. Indeed, only two out of 20 of the top bureaucrats at Tweed are educators.

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