Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whistleblowers at PS 154X Get the Job Done

Over the past few months we've been pointing to the Tweed double standard where they send teachers to rubber rooms for breathing on a kid while protecting administrators no matter what they do. At PS 154 in the Bronx, whistle blowing teachers were sent to the rubber room by the admin to protect themselves. Apparently the charges were so flimsy, the teachers were released in fairly quick order.

The DOE was contacted repeatedly but did nothing.The press was contacted and Fox 5 found a parent of one of the children who was manhandled by an AP. Even after the reports surfaced, the AP remained in the school for almost a week before being removed.

Yesterday we got reports that PS 154 Principal Linda-Amil Irizzary spent her last day at the school yesterday. Her next assignment is at the Bronx ISC at Fordham Plaza.

That she abused teachers and allowed an AP to abuse children, I bet she will be Jolanta Rohloffed (an incompetent given a make up job at $150,000 a year). Irizzary is politically connected. She was Supt. of District 8 last year before she was asked to leave. Yolanda Torres, her good friend, is currently the Supt of District 7. A source said, "They are rumored to be well-connected to certain political entities."

Oh, by the way, the UFT played a zero role in this drama.

Student Abuse Ignored by DOE

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Muriel said...

This is another shining example of the hypocrisy of mayoral control.