Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vinvent Wojsnis, Chapter Leader MS 399,

...Makes the Case Against BloomKlein and Mayoral Control

In June, the New York State Legislature will vote on whether or not to extend the law granting total mayoral control over the New York City public schools. Parents beware. Mayoral control is out of control.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has created a regime over the Department of Education characterized by an insane obsession with high-stakes testing, the systematic closings of local schools, in many cases replaced by privately-run charter schools, and a bloated bureaucracy accountable to no overseeing authority.

Under mayoral control, students have been subjected to a series of citywide exams in addition to all-ready scheduled state mandated exams from grades 3 to 12. The DOE is now planning to expand testing from kindergarten to grade 2.

Accountability works both ways. It’s time that the mayor and the chancellor were made accountable to someone other than themselves. It’s time they were made accountable to us.
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