Monday, May 25, 2009

Report from UFT ATR Meeting

A correspondent reports:

On Thursday, May 22, I went to the ATR meeting. Michael Mendel explained about what the hiring freeze means for the ATRs. Randi came for some minutes and talked about it also. She pretended to be a martyr. She stated how hard has it been to reach this agreement in NY when in some other states people were losing jobs.

At that point, I wanted to stand up and tell her that it was her fault that caused this mess. She is the one who gave up seniority rights. During this meeting many ATRS applauded RW and Mendel. I couldn't believe this!

I wonder if this hiring freeze will be implemented. In the district I teach in most all the principals are crooks. They think they are attached to the buildings they run. They hide the jobs and give them to their friends.


Anonymous said...

The ATRS probably applauded RW and MM because they are so scared and afraid about their employment situation: In all actuality, they are probably afraid that if they express their true feelings, they will be "blackballed" and shut out of jobs.

Anonymous said...

1. To get into administration you have to have a connection with a politician (Or kiss ass and serve as an extreme lackey for 6-10 years.

2. The same holds true if you want a teaching job in a decent neighborhood.

3. The schools are filled with new teachers who dated the principal's daughter or lived next door to the superintendent.

4. The same holds true for advancing in the union. Being female and a minority also helps a great deal.

5. These days teachers have to be afraid of both the union and the D.O.E., especially if they are over 40.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 7:42
" 3. The schools are filled with new teachers who dated the principal's daughter or lived next door to the superintendent.".

You are completely RIGHT! My district is one of them. Everybody is related or is a family friend. NEPOTISMS rules in my district.
I wonder who is going to keep track of the job openings with the hiring freeze. Are the principals going to give jobs to the ATRS or what is going to happen. We need somebody to be accountable for the openings in the schools.

Anonymous said...

New teachers ,be forwarned JOIN THE FIGHT WITH THE ATRS ! AS YOU ARE NOT PTOTECTED FROM PRVITIZATION,WHICH WILL BE THE DOE'S NEXT STEP Today's princlpal may hire you ,but when they are gone(and if they are principals) it won't be to long)Who will protect you from the evils of prvitization? Remember the mayor is a businessman not an educator.In unoin the there is strenght separate asses are not safe