Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tweed and the Mob - Will Joel Klein End Up With a Horse Head in Bed?

We interrupt the vote reporting with a funny item from the NY Post which I posted on Norms Notes.

Tweed and the Mob - Will Joel Klein End Up With a Horse Head in Bed?

More from Leonie's list:

For some interesting historical reading (1990), go to:

Pretty incredible! Dominic Gatto of Atlantic Bus Co., the man with the gun in the 2010 school bus and the mob story, is also in the 1990 school bus and the mob story Warren has forwarded. 20 years later and they are still talking to this guy.

There was a story in the nat'l. papers a while ago that the USDOE was purchasing heavy guns. Turns out it was for its Inspector General folks who do criminal investigations. I've suggested a bunch of them attend the NYC DOE's "negotiations" with these lovely people in the future to provide federal protection to them while they negotiate corrupt contracts with mobsters, using our tax dollars and endangering our children.

Ellen wrote:
This makes for a great film....Bullets Over Long Island City? Gunfight at the OPT Corral?
John Houston, Raoul Walsh or John Ford would laugh out loud!

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reality-based educator said...

Klein better watch out - when this guy Gatto settles all Family business, he could end up like Moe Green on the massage table.