Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unity Caucus Engages in Randi Bashing

Reports are coming in quite a variety of sources about mid to low level Unity Caucus people trashing Randi Weingarten and extolling the heroic attributes of Michael Mulgrew. Did this great ad commisioned from David Bellel reach deep into the Unity psyche? Don't bet on it.

That they are all hitting at once is a sign that these are not isolated incidents, but a result of some higher up decisions, probably to protect Unity's flank as the Washington and Detroit situations deteriorate and she is up to her ears in the middle of selling them out. I even got one report that there was talk of throwing Randi out of the Caucus. One ICEer asked: What role, if any, does Michael Mulgrew have in this? Is it the Young Prince slaying the Old Queen to consolidate his authority? And, if so, does it suggest some independence on his part? I am not ready to cede that the UFT can show independence from the AFT unless Mulgrew has ambition beyond the UFT. Just watch the 800 Unity hacks vote up every single Randi initiative in Seattle for a sign.

These reports are almost too funny for words, but Michael Fiorillo found some:

If it's true that Unity people are now going around speaking ill of Randi, then their hypocrisy and cowardliness is despicable. Where were these people when she was undermining the union and the public schools? Well, we all know, don't we? They were uncritically cheering her on, and hissing those who spoke up. Wilhelm Reich had a great phrase for it: "At your feet, or at your throat."

Michael Fiorillo

Another correspondent echoed Michael:

My Unity friend is saying the same thing, but wont ask Randi critical questions while in Seattle [at the AFT convention which our dues are paying the freight for 800 Unity slugs to go and vote as one.]

A third point of view was a bit more sympathetic to Randi's plight:

When she was in NY, it seemed as though she could control things more - the spin, the players, etc. She had a machine that could get out to the schools and sell just about anything. When she got to Washington, it all seemed to break loose and she lost total control. The attacks on public education became more outrageous. I am sure she is not at all happy with what she must deal with.

You know those 91 percenters? They will see Mulgrew go in the same direction as Randi as the walls crumble since he has no long-term answers. Watch panic set in if the charter school cap gets blown and the UFT starts to hemorrhage members. Don't forget, Randi was very popular for a number of years. I wonder who they are thinking about to replace Mulgrew next decade?

A Proud 9% Dissenter

Add On:
Just back from the PEP meeting at Prospect Heights HS in Brooklyn. Evil Mousekewitch came out with 2 shiny new buses filled with people wearing orange Julius colored tee-shirts. She also brought along a 2 man videographer team. Almost felt like a Bar Mitzvah. Nice spending of that hedge hog money flowing in.

Our buds from PS 15 were out in force and they made the usual great points. PAVE was there too and between them and the HSA crowd, we heard some deep stuff: choice, blah, blah, blah, I pay taxes and demand space in any public building I want to occupy (how about Gracie Mansion since it's not being used), blah, blah, blah, all kids are scholars, we are graduating in 2120 (ask Evil if she is also paying for college), choice is a biblical, the devil UFT is the problem - Job 1:12; Job 2:6-7. Blah, blah, blah.

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Jose Vilson said...

Wow, lots of food for thought. With the barrage of news coming out from this nasty underbelly, I wonder what really will happen to our profession. I don't mean that as a blanket statement; it makes me nervous.