Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fact finder calls on Bronx Science administrator to step down- Riverdale Press

Yes, there has been a reign of terror for years at Bronx High School of Science (search our archives for stories.)

I'm amazed that the fact finder also recommends that chapter leader Peter Lamphere, who has been active in the opposition, also transfer when the crimes have clearly been perpetrated by Reidy and Jahoda. I recently met one of the young math teachers hounded out by them (luckily she landed in a great place) and she told me Peter is one of the best math teachers she's seen. That 20 math teachers in one department filed a complaint should have been cause for an instant response from Tweed. Here is the classic case for why seniority rules MUST be maintained. If the geniuses at Tweed had a clue and wanted to make a serious case for eliminating seniority, they would have been smart enough to not let these lunatic supervisors run rampant.

Why this took at least a year or more to come to a decision, giving the Bronx High admins time to go after more people, is something some of the "impartial" NYC Ed press should take a look at. And by the way, if you are going to write articles on seniority, why is only the Riverdale Press reporting on this important story going on at one of the elite schools? (And I can tell you some stories about what Valerie Reidy has done to students but I'm waiting for the statue of limitations to run out (meaning the kid has to graduate.) And ditto for the principal at Stuyvesant - just wait till June.

Fact finder calls on Bronx Science administrator to step down
By Kate Pastor

An fact finder has substantiated 20 Bronx Science teachers’ complaints that an administrator harassed and intimidated them.

In May 2008, the vast majority of teachers in the school’s math department filed a Special Complaint charging that Assistant Principal Rosemary Jahoda attempted to make changes in the math department by focusing on four untenured teachers. They claim she harassed them, treating them like children in an effort to meet the goals set out for her by Principal Valerie Reidy.

“It would be difficult to have heard the testimony of seven of the complainants, to have read the statements of the 13 others and to have listened to the June 10, 2008 audio recording of the meeting in Jahoda’s office and not conclude that Jahoda has a confrontational style that is intimidating and demeaning,” according to the arbitrator’s report issued on April 15.

The fact finder, Carol Wittenberg, concluded that Ms. Jahoda and UFT Chapter Chair Peter Lamphere should transfer out of the school, that the school remove all ‘letters to the file’ issued to the complainants during Jahoda’s tenure and that actions affecting teachers who transferred out of Bronx Science be rescinded.

"After hearing extensively from all concerned, the Fact Finder is convinced that the education community at the Bronx High School of Science, one of the flagship high schools of the Department of Education, needs to see substantial change to overcome the disruption caused by the events and to begin the healing process," the report said.

The recommendations have been sent to School Chancellor Joel Klein, who will make a final decision in the case.

This is part of the April 22, 2010 online edition of The Riverdale Press.

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Anonymous said...

The finding indicates that there was an audio tape that was played during a department conference. This was admitted into the proceedings. If the AP was notified that is one thing but if not, does that mean that tapes recorded secretly are permissible in administrative hearings? If so lets but some stock in companies that make recorders, or perhaps recorded by cell phone/blackberry..

Anonymous said...

I am baffled that the fact finder recommended that Peter Lamphere be transferred. I see him at all the union meetings and he has demonstrated overtly his affinity to unionism. I see him all the time at the HS chapter leaders meeting and I need to know why this absurd recommendation from the fact finder. This is a person who has fought for his colleagues and for the members. I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the arbitrator doesn't like bow ties.

Anonymous said...

A recorder can be used if it is not secretly placed in the room. the person that you are recording does not have to be notified if you are in the conversation.

Anonymous said...

Well, nobody likes bow ties. But that's no reason Peter should have to move. After all, the bow tie would probably just follow him, so he might as well stay where he is.