Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ed Deformers Model Anti-Seniority Positions on Ant Behavior

Edward O. Wilson, an antologist (as opposed to an uncologist - yes, I can make up my own words and be as corny as I like) has written his first novel called "Anthill" which was reviewed in the Sunday Times book review section last week. Wilson is a major biologist and naturalist who has studied ants and other social insects and made comparisons to human society.

I was struck by this comment in the review:

His language achieves poetic transcendence when describing “the decency of ants,” whose disabled members “leave and trouble no more.” When the nest must be defended, its eldest residents — with the least long-term utility remaining to them — become the most suicidally aggressive, “obedient to a simple truth that separates our two species: Where humans send their young men to war, ants send their old ladies.”

Now I get it. The DOE and all the Ed Deformers are following this precept of ant society by trying to send senior teachers out to pasture. Maybe Sarah is right. Obama does have death panels.

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lycophidion said...

Wilson is the originator of the field in biology known as Sociobiology, which has been subject to severe criticism for it's genetic determinist basis. See, for example, Stephen Jay Gould's critiques.