Tuesday, May 18, 2010


UPDATED May 19, 9am

"Now I understand how it is that Secretary Duncan says there is zero opposition to his charter school proposals. Today, Secretary Duncan deemed me a zero.”
Leslie-Ann Byfield, charter school parent

"Uncommon Schools does not allow Parent Associations of any kind. We have been helping a parent at the Kings Collegiate School for several months. We need far more transparency and a voice for parents at all charter schools, to stop their abusive practices. Secretary Duncan should explain what he is going to do to ensure that corporate chicanery, corruption and financial mismanagement does not happen at charter schools, and should have addressed the plight of the parents at Kings Collegiate when he visited that school. That would show he truly cares about our children!"
Mona Davids, President of the NY Charter Parents Association

May 18, 4pm

Arne was in town today to visit his Chicago school gangsterism on 3 schools in Brooklyn. Interesting story in the Daily News on Randi Weingarten's involvement in forcing Duncan to change his schedule - which gives you pause as to who is running the UFT. One would have thought Mulgrew would take the lead on that. But Randi may have been feeling that she was no longer loved in NYC and had to jump in to get a little local pub.

Now it is interesting how the Daily News article mentions a parent who loves the harsh discipline at KC. Just the kind of thing Arne and Barack love for children – that are not their own. I can imagine the Obamas' reaction if their children were subjected to zero tolerance. And imagine how they would love not having to waste time having a PA at their school.

I got there at 12:40 to meet Leonie and some parents just as the press was being allowed in and I decided to join them as a reporter for the Wave. I mean, it was raining pretty hard and it doesn't take much to move me from activist protester to reporter. Bloomberg, Klein, Duncan, political hangers on like Malcolm Smith, etc. were all present. Duncan is tall and Bloomberg is short. Klein is - well - you know. Numbnuts.

I saw my favorite Tweed press crew who vouched for me since I left my Wave press pass home. I had a nice conversation, as I always have, with James Merriman who heads the NYC Charter School Center. We agree on so much. And so little. But I'll delve into that some other time.

The public school in the building is Somers MS, but that part of the building didn't get visited. Maybe next life. As the charter school grows Michael Kay will be brought in from the Yankee games to say "See ya" to Somers.

Leonie Haimson, Khem Irby and Leslie-Ann Byfield did get there and came up but were told this was only for press and went down to wait. I was trailing the pack and missed Khem and Leslie confronting Duncan but I do have some other video which I will cut and post on you tube later with a link to this post.

See the updated press release from Leonie and her account of the day at the NYCParent Blog:

Waiting in the rain for Arne: my day with charter parents

And check out NYC Educator's take on Duncan:

Duncan Doesn't Think Anyone Opposes Charter Schools

The Skeleton in Arne Duncan's Closet
Bracey is gone but his words live on through Substance from Susan Ohanian


Thanks to David Bellel for the graphic.


  1. sorry to be off topic but I've been trying to find out what happened/is happening with David Pakter's hearing? The silence is deafening!

  2. I started working on something but things have just been too busy to get back to it. Maybe today.

  3. Does anyone else feel that Duncan must be an ice man? I cannot believe that he went to see the Charter school students and staff and TOTALLY ignored the public school students and staff. How cold was that?
    How can I believe in him?
    I am having second and third thougths about the Democratic agenda
    I don't think I believe any more


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