Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peoples Education Tribunal

An interesting idea from Sam Anderson:

In the not too distant future (Fall 2010?), I suggest that we NYC progressive educators, parents, students, community activists and our organizations need to COLLECTIVELY organize a Peoples Education Tribunal that lays out the crimes being committed in the name of public education by these privateers. This
Peoples Education Tribunal would also outline viable solutions to help retain and enhance public education for all.

We would document this historic event and help publicize it throughout our neighborhoods and across the nation.

I know that this suggestion adds an extra layer of work tonnage upon all of us who are already overworked with our current Movement Multitasking. But, we need to show in popular ways that what is being passed as "advance education reform" is actually "criminal education deform." From the White House to City Hall, we are bombarded with daily dis-information/mis-information and outright lies about the education crisis and its solution to such an extent that for many folks
dis-information/mis-information and outright lies become TRUTHS.

This education tribunal would be grounded in the foundation that "Education is a Human Right"... and would be structured in such a way that we would include national and international judges whose expertise in education and Human Rights Law would be renown.

In Struggle,

Sam Anderson

s. e. anderson is author of "The Black Holocaust for Beginners"
Social Activism is not a hobby: it's a Lifelong Commitment.


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