Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama Admin Connected to Anti-Teacher Union Ads?

I got a call from a retired teacher yesterday asking for ICE. He said he had done some research on the anti-UFT ads and traced them to some Obama administration operatives. Here is the email he sent me as a follow-up.

Re: ads against seniority.

It appears the Obama administration or its operatives are behind these ads.

1. The phone# 212 561-8730 for this org. belongs according to the White pages Dunn Squier and Knapp Squier(home phone).

2. A google search of Dunn Squier results in Squier Knapp Dunn Communications info on its merge with Knickerbocker SKD to form SKDKnickerbocker.

3. Management includes William Knapp, Anita Dunn and Stefan Friedman.

4. Anita Dunn was Obama's communications director for his Presidential campaign.

5. According to Wikipedia, Anita Dunn is married to Robert Bauer who is Obama's personal attorney.

6. The home page of the communications firm is: Check out the management info to verify info above.

Who will you support for president in 2012?

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  1. Anita Dunn also was supposed to be Chancellor Rhee's new PR person here especially after Rhee made the inappropriate sex comments on DC's laid off teachers which garnered a lot of negative press. Dunn's fees are very high and last I checked they were getting private funds to pay for her services to assist Rhee.


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