Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CORE In Chicago Sued Duncan Over Loss of Black Teachers

His claim he wants to recruit more black teachers wears thin in light of his history in Chi-town.

CORE is running in the Chicago Teacher Union election this Friday. I was with a group of them in LA this past summer. The fact they filed this suit may be a factor in the election.

Here is a link to their blog items on the suit.

By the way, BloomKlein have also presided over the loss of black teachers in NYC. A cup of civil rights, anyone?

From PURE in Chicago…

Subject: Despite CORE EEOC complaint, Duncan claims he wants more black teachers

I just ran across an article that once again proves that Arne Duncan is the worst hypocrite in DC - and that's quite an achievement for someone who's only been there for a couple of years.

It ranks right up there in gall with Arne's "Dr. King would want you to compete and win" speech to students at Ebenezer Baptist Church last year (

Duncan's "campaign to recruit black teachers"

seal of the EEOCIn weeding out some older e-mails, I came across this report out of New Orleans in which I learned that that Fed Ed Head Arne Duncan claims he wants more black teachers in our schools.

According to, it's become a "theme" for Duncan this year:

In February, Duncan told leaders of historically black colleges and universities that "we have far too few teachers of color. Only 2 percent, one in 50 teachers today are African-American males. Something is fundamentally wrong with that picture."

Although he didn't spell it out on Friday, Duncan's campaign to recruit more black teachers may be driven by research that found improved test scores for black students who spend at least a year with a black teacher. In past speeches he's mentioned that black teachers are more likely than their white peers to want to work in high-poverty, high-needs schools, the front line for closing what he calls the nation's "insidious achievement gap" between white and black students.

Well, I have a "theme " for you, Arne - why don't you look for some of those black teachers in your own #%&*! back yard, where you buried them?

During his time as CEO of CPS, Duncan oversaw the loss of nearly 2500 African-American teachers, while the numbers of CPS teachers in all other racial groups increased. Take a look at this PURE chart from 2009.

The situation Duncan created became so egregious that CORE filed a federal discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which will decide any day now if they will send the case to the Justice Department for prosecution.

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