Saturday, May 29, 2010

WSJ, More Elegant Than the NY Post, Same Bias

Leonie send this along:

WSJ, now also owned by Rupert Murdoch, gives Perkins’ opponent more publicity; while revealing that the pro-charter parent organization called Parent Power Now is funded by DFER, the hedge fund group.

So is Smikle, of course, who is running against Perkins. Though the headline says, “School Key in Harlem Election,” as clearly they are, considering the pro-privatization agenda of Smikle’s financial backers, the article mentions in passing that when the reporter observed Smikle talking to voters, he was “hardly ever mentioning charter schools.”

More disinformation and subterfuge, of course, like the pro-Craig Johnson flyers financed by DFER, that don’t even mention charter schools.

MAY 29, 2010

Schools Key in Harlem Election

Charter-Education Programs Have Taken Center Stage in the Race for a State Senate Seat


Basil Smikle Jr. has a lot of ideas about how to address Harlem's most vexing problems, from crime to housing to underemployment, but his biggest asset as he runs for state Senate against Bill Perkins may be that he supports charter schools.

Mr. Perkins, a two-term legislator from Harlem, has outraged the charter-school community with his vocal opposition of the schools.

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