Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday News- Fightbacks, Excessing and Moving of ATRs to New Schools

I've been out of town since Tuesday so a bit out of touch. Returning later today. Lots of stuff today. Here are a few items but check Norms Notes for articles and info I've been throwing up there this week.

  • Fight back Fridays continues at many schools and will continue through the end of the year.

  • Today at least 3000 students according to reports are supposed to leave their high schools at 1pm, go to Tweed and then march over the Brooklyn Bridge to protest the Metro card issue - see sidebar.

  • Today is the election in Chicago - look for major attacks on CORE if they win. Look for AFT Randi/Duncan buddies/ politicians/press to do what they can to undermine CORE. See how NY Teacher reports this where a group that touches base with the anti-Unity forces in NYC. Also look for Gotham Schools which will report on any young teacher who trashes unionism continue to ignore these young Chicago teachers standing up for unionism. Looking for that funding gig from another hedge fund does not lead to fair reporting. They will have 10 trashy pieces from the NY Post and ignore Substance as a legit news source.

  • David Pakter reports all charges dropped - see post below this.

And these 2 emails -

IS THE DOE CHANGING SCHOOLS FOR THE ATRS? ATRs are reporting that they are being reassigned to new schools.

Jeff Kaufman has info at the ICE blog,
Change to Open Market Screen Hints of Lay-offs which had some comments:

"Jeff - You are RIGHT. I am and ATR and for next year I am supposed to report to a different school. This is outrageous. I think they are trying to get rid of us. I work in Brooklyn and if I am not mistaken-- they are sending me to The Bronx."

James Eterno had some advice:
"They have to keep ATRS within their districts. You should not be sent from Brooklyn to the Bronx unless you are in a citywide district."

Then this from a para:
As of yesterday 5 teachers have been excessed from my school. Its starting to get scary, larger class sizes 3 more possible layoffs and today I received this e-mail from the UFT ! Goodness what are they doing? I believe Paras are special ed are next on the cutting block.

Look what the pathetic UFT is asking people to do when they should have been asking to have every member of the corrupt State Board of Regents hung by the neck or water boarded in public.

UFT E-mail

Protect special education services for kids!

Dear colleague,

The State Board of Regents is voting in June on several cost-containment proposals (also known as “mandate relief”) that will directly affect your jobs and the students with disabilities that you serve.

On the table are three dangerous proposals:

1. To allow schools to place more than 12 students in integrated co-teaching classes;
2. To eliminate minimum service requirements for speech services; and
3. To relieve schools of the legal obligation to give teachers and service providers a paper or electronic copy of their students’ IEPs.

These changes are being proposed to save money, not to help kids.

Let the Board of Regents know what you think of its plans for special education before the changes are voted on. You can personalize the letter by adding your own message based on your experience and viewpoint as a paraprofessional.

Go here to send an online letter to each member of the Board of Regents.


Shelvy Young Abrams
Paraprofessional Chapter Leader

Carmen Alvarez
Vice President of Special Education

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