Sunday, June 13, 2010

Michelle Rhee to NYC Teachers: Be More Like DC,

D.C. school chancellor Michelle Rhee says New York must learn from her groundbreaking union deal

I've been getting emails from teachers today who read the Michelle Rhee piece in the Daily News, where she has this quote, which needs no comment from me:

Use Randi Weingarten. I don't like to get in the middle of someone else's negotiation and I know that there is a long and complicated history between Weingarten and Klein. However, based on my experiences negotiating with Weingarten, she is very much able to see the direction the nation is heading in and the fact that unions need to be a part of the solution. Both Klein and Mulgrew should lean on her.

I posted it on Norms Notes:

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Chaz' advice:
Michelle Rhee - Worry About Your Own Failed Administration And Schools. Mind Your Own Buisness When It Comes To Negotiating Our Contract.


  1. The direction in which this nation is heading is most likely NOT toward the future of education here or anywhere else in the world. We are in a state of reactive panic at being way behind certain other nations in specific areas (ex. students from public education entering medicine and engineering, not to become assistants and machine technicians but to become doctors and engineers) and never getting beyond persistent stasis, while some other nations benefit from the intense competition that overpopulation, poverty, rigid social expectations and class systems bring.

    Those in power had better think more clearly, or the smarter of them will find themselves doing 180 degree turns, like Diane Ravitch (no disrespect to her, she is a hero at this time) did, in the years to come. The not-so-bright ones will be too stubborn to turn, or will never learn.

  2. Randi is an agent. She answers to some very powerful people.

  3. too bad she doesn't answer to the ONE who is all powerful-

  4. 9:05: "the ONE who is all powerful"

    You mean Norm, right? :)


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