Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If we lose Race to the Top do we get our rights back? UFT Also Gave Away Public Schools to Privatization in Teacher Eval Agreement

As usual, Jeff Kaufman did a yeoman job slogging through the agreement and posting a deep analysis on the ICE blog, a must read for enlightened wonks. NYC Educator commented:
"Thanks for keeping a critical eye on things and having the patience and determination to sit and read that agreement."

My favorite quote: Measurement of student data is not only a slippery slope it is the entrance to a cesspool.

Jeff highlights this point:

An Additional Tidbit (Where Did This Come From?)

Although nowhere mentioned in the media the new legislation includes a provision to permit private, profit and non-profit, organizations to take over the role of superintendent over failing schools. The new law allows the school district to enter into 5 year contracts to allow these organizations to turn around failing schools. While there are minimal protections to teachers in these failing schools (the collective bargaining agreement is still in effect and the teachers still work for the school district) it is unclear what these outside organizations will do to the schools and their staff to turn them around.

Yes, let's hand over more public schools to private interests who will make sure to make a buck. Has anyone noticed that just about any private school management org has failed (can you spell EDESEN?) As Jeff asks

See The New Classroom Teacher (and Principal) Evaluation Scheme: What Was Our Union Thinking?

As more schools are privatized, I can forsee the day when the UFT membership of working teachers will dwindle to such an extent that the UFT HQ will be at 51 1/2 Broadway but members will be paying $2000 a year to enable Unity to send 800 people to AFT conventions to places like Seattle - I am checking plane tickets and WOWIE - 600 bucks or more. I may have to drive - and leave tomorrow to make it in time for July 7 (I'm old and drive sloooowly). But won't the Unity crowd love to see me and my video camera catching them in the act.


  1. You are too funny Norm. Can I hitch a ride with you. I don't have a pass to get in , but I could sleep in the lobby.


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