Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picket Bloomberg's House Thurs: Stop Harassment of Teachers - Justice for The Bronx Science Twenty

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Stop Harassment of Teachers -
Justice for The Bronx Science Twenty

Picket at Mayor Bloomberg's house
- June 10th, 4:30pm -
79th St. and 5th Ave., SW Corner

Bring signs and noisemakers, and wear Bronx Science gold and green!

The United Federation of Teachers Chapter at the Bronx High School of Science invites you to join us for a picket of Mayor Bloomberg. We are appealing to Mr. Bloomberg for relief from administrative harassment at our school. Two years ago, twenty math teachers at our school filed a complaint against the harassment and abuse at the hands of their supervisor. Their claim has been upheld by a neutral arbitrator in a recent fact-finding decision, but the schools chancellor Joel Klein has outrageously decided to ignore the fact-finder's report and take no action.

The Department of Education's disregard of the fact-finding decision will only lead to increasing tension at the school, further demoralization of teachers, and a worsening learning environment for our children. We have no choice but to take our case to the Mr. Klein's boss, Mr. Bloomberg.

Please join us to show solidarity in the face of harassment of newer teachers, veteran educators, and union activists. The DOE and the national media would like to have the public believe that teachers are only disciplined in order to improve educational outcomes, but this fact-finder's report exposes that good teachers have fallen victim to supervisors who abused their power.


  1. Doesn't a favorable arbitration ruling, despite DOE's non response, facilitate successful legal action? Can't injured parties now proceed with lawsuits against the harassers? Surely, some have been damaged - emotionally or physically or financially - by the documented and proven harassment.

  2. The courts are not neutral - judges come from the same stock as politicians. That's why I am reluctant to urge people to use that as a recourse. Certainly not without a political movement to back it up.

    That is why building an org to carry out things on many levels.


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