Friday, June 4, 2010

Ohanian on Brooklyn Charter School Thug

Susan Ohanian has received a bunch of comments from a Brooklyn charter school operator. I have a few myself. Some anonymous person from the charter has been asking us to do anything we can to publicize the situation.

Here's a reprise from the greatest hits from a few years ago: Teacher Says Charter School Fired Her for Organizing to Improve Pay Scale

Susan had a post a few says ago on the situation:

Another Comment on Believe Charter

In March 2003, about 30 people traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to pay tribute to Steve Orel and The World of Opportunity (The WOO), giving the WOO The Courage in Education award. That's where I met Norm Scott, who made a number of trips to The WOO, taking needed supplies [Ed Note - only one trip]. Those of us who traveled to The WOO formed bonds that will never break. So when I received threatening messages from a New York City charter school thug, I knew who to talk to. So now Norm gets nasty messages too. I just keep thinking about what it must be like to work in such a place. This all started because I was outraged by the denial of public school access to the library which had been lovingly renovated by the librarian and volunteers she solicited. Take a look at the video. If you care about kids and about libraries, it will break your heart.

One of the funny comments at the NY Times Cityroom Blog

What can I say about Williamsburg Charter High School that hasn’t already been said about Iraq?

It has been named the “Believe” Network. Who came up with this name? Belief in what? By whom? At best it is an arbitrary title rooted in the presumption that the students are inherently unable to perform. As a result, success is dependent on faith. This is yet another example of framing the problem as a deficiency in these poor black and brown kids and not the irresponsible adults entrusted with their development (achievement gap, anyone? How about addressing the administration gap?).

The school mascot is the Wolverines. Why? No one knows. No one cares. There aren’t even any wolverines in Brooklyn. The closest wolverine is in Canada. How about a relevant mascot? Let’s go Williamsburg Animal Shaped Rubberbands!

Ultimate charity fund-raising event: A roast of Eddie Calderon-Melendez. Charge $50 a plate and invite current and former employees (mostly former). We’ll make enough to cure cancer.

Williamsburg Charter High School has been unfairly compared to the mob in these comments. The mob has consistent leadership.

Believe Network Definitions:

Irony: The network offices have glass walls yet are the least transparent part of the organization.

Sadism: the tendency to derive pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on other people’s children (e.g. mismanaging a charter school network).

Masochism: the tendency to derive pleasure from one’s own pain or humiliation (e.g. sending your children to your own mismanaged charter school network).

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  1. The writer in CityRoom writes: "Belief in what? By whom? . . . As a result, success is dependent on faith."
    Not unlike a great swath of the inner-city population believing that God, not effort and circumstances, will get you through trials and tribulations.


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