Sunday, November 27, 2011

GEM Film Showing in Williamsburg Dec. 1, 2011

While the UFt ignores GEM's "Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman" not only because if the criticism of the UFT but for its straight to the gut message on charter schools (the UFT wants to make nice with the sledge hammer being used to destroy public ed), communities being invaded by charters are starting to use the film to educate the local community. A few weeks ago there was a screening in District 15's Cobble Hill which is being invaded by an Eva Moskowitz charter. And now the CEC of D. 14 which is a major target of Success Charters due to its gentrification - nice pickings of public ed money to teach mostly white middle class kids - is doing the same.

PS 250 at 6PM followed by a panel discussion. Call the District Office for info. There's another screening in CEC 3 at PS 75M on Dec. 7 -  735 West End Ave. Details will be up on Ed Notes a few days before.


  1. Someone should have edited the flier and made sure everyone's name was spelled correctly. The community of D 14, the parents have not been sent notices about this important movie. Is the CEC serious about educating folks or are they giving us lip service?

  2. Dear Mr. Scott:

    Please investigate. More videos posted on Youtube by students!

    Please check this link out: Am I too conservative to think this should not happen in post commencement celbration at a Queens high school?


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