Monday, November 7, 2011


We headed over the try to catch a piece of the action at the Occupy DOE General Assembly on the steps of Tweed after the screening of our film at Teachers College and managed to catch the last 10 minutes. The steps of Tweed were still loaded with people. The GA will continue every Sunday at 12 noon in the atrium at 60 Broadway where further decisions on actions to take will be made.

The event was live streamed by techs from OWS. Look for link coming up.

Reminder - tomorrow -Occupy Cuomo: Tuesday, Nov. 8

Also - amazing at Liberty Plaza - David Crosby and Graham Nash doing a concert at 3-4PM.

Here is the Facebook page.

Great NYC1 story from Lindsay Christ who counted a couple of hundred protesters.

Gotham also reported - they counted just over a hundred.

Real Reformer Beats Ed Deformer

Patrick Sullivan, Manhattan member of the PEP, won a well-deserved award from Advocates for Justice Friday night for “Standing With Our Children,  and today ran his first marathon at an exception 3:48.
 Dennis Walcott ran the Marathon at 4:24

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