Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Help Stop Eva Moskowitz Invasion of Brooklyn on Nov. 29th

Hi everyone!

We are less than one week away from the DOE hearing on the co-location of the Cobble Hill Success Academy, and we need ALL hands on deck to make sure we can pack the auditorium. Now is the time to fight for an Early Childhood Center in Cobble Hill and against Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy. (below is an email flyer you can forward).

Join us on Nov. 29th at 5:30, at 284 Baltic St. (btwn Smith and Court St.) to stand up for our community schools. Here is a facebook event for the 29th! Please share as WIDELY as possible! Also, please use the hashtag #NoSuccess on twitter to promote the hearing...

Can people share this on listserves and your contacts? Flood 'em with the FB page, on twitter and the flyer, its better if people hear about it 20 times.

Also, here are the attachments from last time to help you with outreach...

1) a flyer for the 29th (we can make different ones to adapt to your specific school)

2) the petition that we've been using to build a list we can call to come out on the 29th

3) The proposal for an early childhood center in the Global Studies building. The idea has been gaining a lot of support, so please circulate for feedback. There is also a second "Real School Choice" document that compares the Early Childhood Center with the Success Academy.

Community leaders and educators are proposing a free public Early Childhood Center in the K293 building that would offer pre-K and kindergarten to children in local school zones.
The Department of Education wants to give the space to Eva Moskowitz to open a Success Academy Charter School that would bus in students from across the district. 
Which would better serve the needs of neighborhood families?
Come tell the Department of Education what our neighborhood families need and come defend PUBLIC EDUCATION

Tuesday, Nov. 29th at 5:30 pm

284 Baltic Street
(between Smith and Court Street)

Success Academy Charter School = DOE’s Choice
Early Childhood Center = Parent’s Choice!
Julian at 203.313.2479 or for more information

Julian Vinocur 
NYC Organizer
Alliance for Quality Education
(212) 328-9268 
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  1. Success Academies don't "bus-in" students.

  2. Maybe you can speak to your freind Caz who lokes to censor people's comments. He's free to say what he wants but not let others comment unless he agrees. True democracy.

  3. As a teacher at International Studies, which shares the building with two other schools and knows very intimately how we will be affected by this; thank you for being there for us. Obviously, this issue is much bigger than any individual school and we all need to support each other against this onslaught.


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