Friday, November 7, 2014

Angst Rages Over Cuomo/Charter Allies Attack on Public School System

RBE at Perdido Street and others like NYC Educator Hamlet and Randi and Buffalo teacher Sean Crowley (Teachers Union Leaders Sell Out Members Because They've Got No Skin In The Game) and at B-LoEdScene have been targeting the UFT/NYSUT/AFT capitulation with a focus on Randi. I left this comment:
If the entire school system was charterized but Unity still gets its cut they will be Ok with that. That's the difference between the Republicans and Dems. The former want the union abolished. The latter want to partner with the union to manage the members away from militant action. So Cuomo won't have to remove collective bargaining rights like Scott Walker - the UFT has in effect done that for him.
The question is what to do about it other than complain. People have been asking me how do you build a mass movement. I don't have an easy answer - but--

One crucial item that is often missing in opposition groups:
Thinking like organizers - get names and numbers and figure out a way to get a local/regional meeting because organizing on a city-wide basis with a once a month meeting really is not enough to get anywhere.

Successful mass organizing efforts in the past - especially in teacher unions - often involved the hiring of effective full-time organizers -- see Al Shanker c. 1959 - and some think he was brought into teaching years before with that in mind.

The ATR situation offers some interesting opportunities as they can be roving bands of organizers. But most do not have that mentality. I've only had contact with maybe 2 or 3 ATRs who go into schools with an organizing mentality. One guy in the Bronx did a lot of  work getting out info on MORE.

At the upcoming ATR meeting on Nov 11 they should address this issue.

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  1. Nothing short of public defunding of this charter madness is really going to make a dent. If you want to open a school then secure backers, find a location and open as schools used to do. Public taxpayers should be under no obligation to fund quasi public/private charters and more recently religious schools. In essence privatized schools are being funded by the public who may not even subscribe to a particular charter philosophy and in my opinion this is way out of bounds.


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