Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Help say No thanks! to another Moskowitz charter school in Disrict 1 on the Lower East Side

From ed activists on the lower east side:

I'd be grateful if you can help us- 

The Success Academy Charter School chain is targeting District 1 ( East Village/LES) to open a new charter school. These privately managed schools do not serve the highest needs students, taking resources away from our local public schools that do.

The head of the charter school chain, Eva Moskowitz, just sent a letter to the SUNY Trustees (the charter authorizer who approves these "schools-on paper" in Albany) that  claims over 2000 signatures in support of SACS NYC1, which was approved for D2 but moved to D1.

Currently we have about 1000 signatures on a counter petition and need your help to surpass Eva's paid canvassers' efforts.

Please please please sign if you have not already (and thanks if you have)!

Please also consider passing the link below on for signatures by residents of  NYC, (esp. downtown Manhattan) if you can.

Thanks to everyone who has signed and passed this petition on already! We greatly appreciate your support.

Here is a fact sheet to help you understand more about the negative impact of privately-managed education corporations (charter schools) on public education.

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